25 Month Warranty on JURA products

For any person that has purchased a JURA coffee machine, in addition to a premier product, you have purchased a premier guarantee. All JURA coffee machines bought from 1st July 2006 from an Authorised Dealer now has a prolonged Warranty period of 25 months. During this period you can make your legitimate claims in respect of the manufacturer guarantee.

As a manufacturer we offer a Warranty on our products if they were purchased from an Authorised Dealer. What does that mean? Only 50 dealers in England are authorised by us to sell JURA machines. They offer our customers the best advice and service quality with complete peace of mind. Our strong recommendation is that before you buy, check whether the Dealer is authorised in the UK to sell JURA machines. Ask the dealer for the JURA Warranty. This applies especially if buying a JURA machine on the internet.

Repairs or replacement will not be provided if they arise from use of your equipment in a non-domestic or commercial environment unless we agree to the use in writing beforehand.

If you need help finding a reseller near you look at our Store Locator that gives you the JURA Dealer in your area. Or phone us on:

0800 652 5527