Buy premium quality with confidence in the UK

To ensure you get the best possible JURA quality and experience, we always advise purchasing your JURA goods from a reputable retailer. This means the genuine coffee machines and products you buy are high in quality and under warranty.

Our commercial distributors are handpicked to ensure excellent customer service, equal to the prestige the JURA brand encompasses. We have a set of standards they must reach and maintain to keep the partnership going. In addition, authorised JURA retailers in the UK have experts available to advise and help you before and after the sale, ensuring you enjoy all the benefits your JURA coffee machine has to offer, and that your order is fulfilled promptly.

Unauthorised dealers

JURA carefully select only reputable retailers and distributors, protecting the integrity of the brand and ensuring our customers receive the best service possible. You can contact us before making a purchase to verify a seller is authorised to sell JURA products.

Beware of unauthorised distributors who may sell JURA products - these products could be used, broken, counterfeit or stolen and are not covered by any JURA warranty, also not qualifying for any support. If delivery of your order takes longer than 48 business hours, investigate the supplier and ensure they are an authorised JURA retailer.